Made Up


Bestival launches futuristic artwork for 2016, designed by Made Up

The 2016 theme for the Isle of Wight-based music festival is Future, and so Made Up agency designer, Charles Williams used the festival’s theme as the intial starting point for the 2016 artwork. There is a mixture of illustration and typography, with the heavy use of futurisitic elements, that hint at outer space, machines and flight.

The festival was completely redesigned for the new year, and that includes the festival’s icon as well. The limited colour palette of purples, pinks and yellows convey a nostalgic 80s vibe to the artwork. The limited colour palette also contrasts well aganist the black backdrop, which is consistly used throughout the illustrations and the logo too. The new artwork also maintains the festival feel within the futuristic sense of incorporating festival-like symbols, like the peace sign.

“…symbols such as a peace sign anchor the imagery to more traditional festival siginifiers.”

What I can take from this artwork as inspiration for my own work is the effective use of the artwork style and theme. This is a strong idea of using the festival’s theme as a intial starting point, as it creates and develops strong ideas into distinctive and neat artwork.




It’s Nice That

Made Up



Studio Moross


Studio Moross designs new illustrated identity for Manchester’s Parklife festival

For Parklife’s new festival appearance for 2016, Studio Moross have applied there distinctive, illustrative style. The new illustrated identity comprises of a Parklife festival universe, consisting of abnormal and creative characters, and a low gravity appearance.

Studio Moross designer Guy Field explains:

“The festival has been going for a while now and was in need of a big refresh, so we took it into space!”

Field continues:

“We created a mad illustrated Parklife universe, of crazy characters and wonky gravity.”

As well as print poster work, the studio also colloborated with animator Andy Baker to produce a promo video for the popular festival. It conveys a rocket ship travelling through the Parklife festival universe space, as the 2016 line-up gradually reveals for the viewer: Parklife Promo 2016.

The studio has also colloborated with Project Simply for the new website for the festival: Parklife. The new website continues the unqiue style across, and adds moving characters in space, and user interaction with the mouse, which makes the website engaging and fun, from just a box standard website.

The use of colours for this new identity design are sublte and calming. The studio used a limited palette of colours, which makes the design controlled and consisting throughout the different formats that the illustrated identity flows through.

The use of funky and crazy characters makes the new identity fun and playful. This creates a expectation for the viewer about attending the festival to have fun, feel good and experience a great time attending the popular festival.

The inspiration that I can take from this studio’s new work which I can use into my own, is the idea of the illustrated theme. This theme is used strongly across a range of different formats, and creates a playful and illustrative sense of feel towards the identity design.



It’s Nice That

Studio Moross