Sebastian Roitter

Sebastian Roitter’s extensive and fresh identity design for a fictional film festival: Festocalipsis

For the fictional outdoor film festival, Festocalipsis, Argentinian designer Sebastian Roitter has created the identity fresh and light, covering themes of the ‘end of the world’, as well as apocalyptic-themed films to an exhibition about world disasters. Festocalipsis is a fictional film festival all about the end of the world.

To include with Roitter’s identity design, he has also produced a few merchandising elements to neatly go with the identity and festival. Roitter has created a film programme, posters, pamphlets, name badges and other branded merchandise for the project.

From It’s Nice That:

Not only is the scope of what Sebastian has designed impressive, it’s the thought he’s poured into the content that actually makes up the fictional festival. A mix of typography and inky illustrations (drawn by the designer) create a contrast between order and chaos. This meshes well with the ominous undertones of the festival and flashes of yellow, red and purple lighten the mood across what could easily become a very bleak project.

The combination of different elements together, brings Roitter’s design approach out towards the viewer and audience very clearly, and engagingly well. Roitter’s typography, illustrations and colour choices all work well together, merging his unique and appealing visual style to the identity project.

Another pivotal point to bring out on Roitter’s identity design project is his layout choices for the printed merchandising, as well as other relatable merchandising elements. His layout choices for the film programme, posters and pamphlets in particular, are bold, visually appealing, and informative. The mixture of his typography and illustrations, along with the negative space that he cleverly utilises, creates the printed pieces to be engaging and appealing for the viewer and audience to view and read. The colour choices aren’t ‘in your face’ and complement well with the layout, negative space and Roitter’s illustrations. The use of the sans-serif typeface creates a contemporary sense to it, as if Roitter had the decision of using a serif typeface, even the combination of the two different typefaces, it would create a sense of traditional feeling of the festival.

What I can take from Roitter’s identity design is the effective use of his layout technique, his use of typograhy and illustration style. Taking these elements in will be helpful for myself, when considering and generating ideas for a identity brief/project. The use of bold, flat colours is another aspect of the identity design that I like too. The colours aren’t mixed, or complicated, just simple bold colours. This brings great contrast between two or more colours, and with the negative white space. I can also take this process in for inspiration as well.



It’s Nice That

Sebastian Roitter


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