Adam & Eve/DDB and Pâté

Adam & Eve/DDB and Pâté launches The Telegraph’s new app, Think Ahead

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The Telegraph, has release an new app, called Think Ahead, with creative agency Blink Art’s Pâté (Paul Pateman) and communications agency, Adam&EveDDB. The new launched app is in relation to the Think Ahead campaign, that:

The campaign challenges viewers to consider what “Think ahead” means to them and accompanies the launch of the new Telegraph app.”

Blink Art of the campaign says:

Pâté’s direction was invaluable in each stage of the creative,

Blink Art goes on to say:

He even stepped into the sound studio and performed the voice of Donald Trump!

Focusing around the name, “Think Ahead”, the campaign aims to ask people how to define the phrase. Utilising display, video and social media, the campaign engages with the audience through great visual communication.

The colour choices for the displays are vibrant and bold, clashing aganist each other, creating a eye-popping visual for the audience and viewer. This creates engagement and viewer’s asking themselves of what the content asks. The illustrations are simple and effective, relating to the text and questions provided on the top of each display. It’s punchy, bold and attracts an array of youth and old.

With the video, the concept is consistently used with the colour and moving-image illustrations. It is playful, reflecting a fun alternative on the quite serious case of the US presidency situation.

The app itself includes a Top Stories channel, story notifications and a scrolling news format where stories become “cards”. Luke Griffiths, The Telegraph’s digital designer explains “we have hired designers to interpret the news as it comes through to our top stories. It is a collaborative workflow between designers and editors in the newsroom.”

What I can take from this as inspiration for my own work is the effective use of simple text and words, combined with strong illustrated imagery. Creating that relation with word and image towards the audience can make a strong difference with a poor and great relation – succesfully combining the two will generate a strong outcome and reflection. As well as the layout, the flat-style illustration can also be taken into consideration, as this illustration style is trendy and popular, as it can generate quick, easily understandable images with non-complicated shapes and colours.


Adam & Eve/DDB


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Pocopay enlists Estonian design agency AKU to create identity design

Estonian design agency AKU has worked with Pocopay to design a brand identity for their new banking app. The brand identity design has aims to revolutionise the way users handle their day-to-day finances, and so Pocopay’s new product is fluid in function and form. The buisness’ innovative approach reflects AKU’s branding and commuication design.

With the response of the constant evolving of how people are accessing and managing their money, the design agency has developed a mobile-first visual identity, website and app. As well as with the focus of the visual identity of the Pocopay brand, AKU also focused with the user interface and user experience with Pocopay’s new app. The style and design of the UI and UX is neat, minimal and calm.

“The modular and aesthetically simplistic design elements draw focus to the concept’s user experience and bring calm and clarity to banking,…”

There is a primary and consistent purple hue which is used throughout the identity of Pocopay and their app. It is subtle and calm, which makes it suitable for banking and finances for the user. The purple hue works better than a orange, or a red, for example.

As well as flat artwork and design, AKU has also merged with Tolm and Mobi Lab to create integrated animation, and mobile UI and UX design. What makes AKU’s identity design and work succesfful and notable is how design agencies are capable of delivering a sleek and functional product in the subject matter of banking and finance.

“…an area commonly synonymous with overwhelming jargon.”

The design agency’s artwork and designs are purely graphic, there isn’t complicated compositions. The UI and UX weave together well with the brand identity, which makes the overall overview of the identity design fluid, and sleekly consistent.

“…AKU’s work for Pocopay is an example of how a considered and comprehensive approach to design for banking and finance, an area that so often sees products developed from an archaic perspective, can transform the efficiency of our everyday tasks.”

What I can take from this design studio into my own work as inspiration is the neat use and style of AKU’s UI, UX and identity design. The design is seamless and fluid, which works well across the aspects of the identity design, as well as the Pocopay app. I can use this inspiration when a UI and UX design brief appears.





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