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H.Y.T. Studio showcases Yes Fam! Great graphic design

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Artist and designer, John Slade, showcases his commerical work through the graphic design studio, H.Y.T.. The graphic design studio’s clients revolve around the big names of Tate Modern, Transport for London and Channel Four.

The studio’s aim for their work output is considered to be stylistic choice of Slade’s enjoyment:

bold, striking, often conceptual graphics and illustrations.

This aim is evident with the recent works for club night Vesuvio at The Social, run by Heavenly Recordings, a London bar.

The recent works range from posters, flyers, GIFs and stickers, which are all designed and rendered with bright, bold contrasting colours, along with strong use of typography. Vitality is key with these series of works, as utilising a primary colour palette, each of the different works replicates, or even emulates how the feeling and visuals of a club night is like.

Futher works have been included with this series, as H.Y.T. has just opened an exhibition of its own works at The Social, called Pass The Hot Sauce.

The visual feeling and mood of these series of works are contemporary and trendy, and especially how the works are for a night club, this certainly conveys that to the viewer/audience. The works contain simple compositions, simple shapes and lines, which all work towards that feeling of a club night emulation.

What I can take from these works as inspiration for my own work is the strong use of colour, shape and typograhy. These elemements work great together, so taking this into my own work, I will be able to design and create visually and emotionally engaging pieces of design work.


H.Y.T. Studio

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Adam & Eve/DDB and Pâté

Adam & Eve/DDB and Pâté launches The Telegraph’s new app, Think Ahead

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The Telegraph, has release an new app, called Think Ahead, with creative agency Blink Art’s Pâté (Paul Pateman) and communications agency, Adam&EveDDB. The new launched app is in relation to the Think Ahead campaign, that:

The campaign challenges viewers to consider what “Think ahead” means to them and accompanies the launch of the new Telegraph app.”

Blink Art of the campaign says:

Pâté’s direction was invaluable in each stage of the creative,

Blink Art goes on to say:

He even stepped into the sound studio and performed the voice of Donald Trump!

Focusing around the name, “Think Ahead”, the campaign aims to ask people how to define the phrase. Utilising display, video and social media, the campaign engages with the audience through great visual communication.

The colour choices for the displays are vibrant and bold, clashing aganist each other, creating a eye-popping visual for the audience and viewer. This creates engagement and viewer’s asking themselves of what the content asks. The illustrations are simple and effective, relating to the text and questions provided on the top of each display. It’s punchy, bold and attracts an array of youth and old.

With the video, the concept is consistently used with the colour and moving-image illustrations. It is playful, reflecting a fun alternative on the quite serious case of the US presidency situation.

The app itself includes a Top Stories channel, story notifications and a scrolling news format where stories become “cards”. Luke Griffiths, The Telegraph’s digital designer explains “we have hired designers to interpret the news as it comes through to our top stories. It is a collaborative workflow between designers and editors in the newsroom.”

What I can take from this as inspiration for my own work is the effective use of simple text and words, combined with strong illustrated imagery. Creating that relation with word and image towards the audience can make a strong difference with a poor and great relation – succesfully combining the two will generate a strong outcome and reflection. As well as the layout, the flat-style illustration can also be taken into consideration, as this illustration style is trendy and popular, as it can generate quick, easily understandable images with non-complicated shapes and colours.


Adam & Eve/DDB


It’s Nice That

Kristián Mensa


Kristián Mensa mixes real life objects with his illustrations

Illustrator Kristián Mensa combines everyday real life objects with his illustrations, to add a punchy and appealing visualisation with his pen and ink art work. The various images that Mensa illustrates include different scenarios and actions, that engagingly and humorously work well together. Such everyday objects that Mensa combines are fruits, flowers, toilet roll and shells.

The different illustrations are playful and light, which creates a strong connection for the viewer to enage and quickly understand the image. This makes the audience become varied and wide to like and understand Mensa’s artwork.

Mensa’s pen and ink illustrative style is simple and subtle, utilising a mixture of bold and thin lines, and simple mixing ink colours. His illustrative style is reminiscent of children’s illustrations in books. This is one reason amongst others as to how Mensa’s playful illustrations are engaging and fun.

What I can take from Mensa’s work for my own inspiration into my own work is the use of his simple, yet playful illustrative style into my own illustrative artwork, and possibly design briefs. The idea of combining real life objects with illustrations for extra punch is a playful idea, and so I could incorporate this idea into my own visualisations for illustration and graphic design work.



Kristián Mensa



HarperCollins 2016 Big Book Bonanaza gets identity design from London design studio S-T

London-based design studio S-T has created and designed the identity for 2016 HarperCollins Big Book Bonanaza, with the collaboration with illustrator Jamie Jones and animation studio One Darnley Road. The concept of the identity design is based on a playful and fantastical garden where books are the flora and fauna. This creates a playful and fun approach to bringing books to the visual area. Collaborating with the said creatives, the illustration and animated work brings the playful and light-hearted garden to life. The intricate garden has the plants and trees replaced with books, rather than flowers and leaves. Another nice, playful feature that the garden features is the illustrated creation of book-butterflies that harmoniously flitter around, while being chased with readers equipped with butterfly nets.

“The concept is based on the idea that, with each new book release, HarperCollins helps stories to “grow and flourish” says S-T. “We decided a garden was the perfect metaphor to visualise this.” The Big Book Bonanza is the publisher’s annual touring event showcasing the year’s new books.

The concept and theme continously goes onto other related visual communication and materials, such as ranging from the invitation which has a papercut, fold-out gate, to large display boards, tote bags, all printed marketing materials, animated videos for the event’s video showcase’s section introduction.

Taking a sharper eye with the playful illustrated work from Jamie Jones, his illustrations unveils slight stranger details extracted from stories, that are hidden throughout the fantastical garden. Such subtle details that Jones includes in his illustation is a sword, an old streetlight, a fountain, a typewriter, a bloodied knife, a whisk and a war plane that are all found across Jones’ flat, sharply drawn and colourful illustration style.

The animations supplied from the animation studio One Darnley Road brings Jones’ colourful illustration to moving image, as the animation studio concentrates on a single book butterfly, flittering through the intricate colourful garden, discovering and revealing readers and other surreal creatures towards the viewers.

What I can take from S-T’s collaborative work with Jamie Jones and One Darnley Road for inspiration for my own work is the use of a playful and colourful illustrative idea for the identity of a book publisher. The concept and theme is light-hearted and fun, which creates a sense of thought and clear understanding towards the viewer. The concept and theme of the identity is not complex or difficult to comprehend. The flat, sharply drawn illustrative style that Jones’ consists of for this identity design can be taken as inspiration, as his style is playful, neat and visually appealing to the eye. The use of colours and shapes are distinctively drawn and showcased.


It’s Nice That


Jaime Jones

One Darnley Road

Tiago Galo


Portuguese illustrator Tiago Galo’s appealing, light character illustrations

Tiago Galo’s recent illustation work series of appealing, light-hearted character imagery, showcases the characters in typical situations, such as daily tasks and sporting events. The imagery creates a sense of a light appeal to the viewer, as the plump, subtle-coloured characters are placed in their situation innocently. The narrative behind each piece is simply understood, and are slightly backed with the humourous captions, which gives the illustrations that little more playful and fun appeal to them.

“The chunky limbs, overhanging guts and unconcerned expressions add a slight change of pace compared to his other illustration work which feels more quaint and textural.

The colour palette that Galo uses is subtle and contrasting aganist each other, as well as the narrative that each illustration holds. The colour choice and illustration style that Galo holds in this series of work gives a sense of a print feel, a sense of effort and practice. The use of line and shape are simple, which makes these illustrations work successfully well. The simplicity of the lines and shape help the imagery as a whole, be visually understandable and clear for the viewer.

What I can take from Tiago Galo’s impressive character illustrations for inspiration is the effective use of colour choice and shape. Galo expertly merges the two together nicely, creating an output that appeals to the eye, yet cover a loose narrative storytelling. I can take this into my own illustration inspiration for the idea generation, as well as the imagery, illustration style.


Call me crazy but I bet it’s gonna be a new world record


Her favourite thing in the world is to jump into swimming pools. She hates to get wet, though


My papa always say: it ain’t real till it’s on TV


I spend half my days drinking coffee. I spend the other half making the coffee


Caught two



Cabbage lifting

It’s Nice That

Tiago Galo